Snakes & ladders

May 21, 2010

Tomorrow’s [Friday] run will be probably be my last scheduled training run before the big event.

It will mean more than 1,100 miles covered in training; a fair amount of miles but, as always, it never feels like enough – if only I’d avoided injury during the recovery runs after the Grantham 2-day, 58.6 mile Ultra. I felt on top form after that and I amazed myself. If, if, if.

Snakes and Ladders board

Child's play: the ups and downs of ultra-marathon training

I was describing it to a non-runner the other day and I said training for this felt like a game of snakes and ladders; the more training you do, the stronger you feel and you climb those ladders…only to slip back down an Adder with a dodgy IT band or Cuboid Syndrome (don’t ask, it hurts). I wanted to be on the top row of the board before the start on Wednesday; I’d say I’m about two rows short. So, I suppose I feel 80% ready but that’s all in the head. Ultra marathon running is 10% physical and 90% mental. So they say.

Feel free to leave comments on here. If you want to post words of encouragement or to take the p*ss, feel free!

Mr Marlow, a 49-year-old father of three from Kettering, has organised daily football trivia questions to keep my mind busy throughout. Careful though, he tries to trick you…

Mr Smith, a 30-something athlete who competes across the UK and the continent, says of this blog: “I’d like to see more pictures of naked ladies”.

I’ll try to upload as many images as possible during the run – I feel the Hebridean landscape will do a lot of the talking for me.

Oh well, onwards and upwards…


2 Responses to “Snakes & ladders”

  1. Paul M said

    Typo correction, Mr Marlow is an early forties athlete of county champion pedigree who also requested photos of lycra clad ladies.
    All the best big man get plenty of rest over the weekend and you’ll breeze it, i’ll be rooting for you down here.
    i was describing your adventure to a friend and he asked why you were doing it, i replied that unfortunately due to his genetic make up and ancestory he’s too tight to pay for a normal holiday !!

  2. Graybo said

    I see the good-natured banter is in full swing, but no sign of the football trivia. I guess that’s going to kick-off when the rubber hits the ground for the main event.

    Just for starters, though (and this will be my last question, in all likelihood, because I don’t want to appear rude by butting in on someone else’s domain), which two England players played alongside Glenn Hoddle in the England team and then played under him for England when he became manager?

    Hope all goes well in the final build-up, Moxey, and no last minute logistical hitches.

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