Day one is completed

May 26, 2010

We were at the start line for 8am and the official photographer had me strike all sorts of poses in a ‘Give Blood’ t shirt. I had drawn a start line in the sand with a note of date, time and miles to go. Picked my pepple for the journey and at last we were off.
Superb feeling, very enjoyable with just a slight amount of pressure to get to Ard Mhor for the ferry connection.
Vatersay was over after a very short time and I headed up the west coast of Barra. Look to your left and there is nothing until North America – on a clear day you can see the Statue of Liberty… Northern Barra was very nice and I met Neil at the ferry port. 14.15 miles done.
Ferry to Eriskay was quick. Lots of weird people in stupid vehicles with names like ‘Finesse’ and ‘Elegance’ taking up the space of three cars. We landed at the same beach as Bonnie Prince Charlie.
More hills than expected (and bigger ones at that). Eriskay was more of the same. Nice island.
There was a warning sign for ‘Otters crossing’ as we approached the causeway. The causeway was a mile long! It was here that I got reception for the first time.. and the all-important footy trivia teasers from Mr Marlow.
The rain came down, straight off the Atlantic, and I took shelter while I checked the map and applied some more Vaseline in strange places – I’m sure I was being watched by a lady of the older variety in the nearby croft. She had pretend sheep and a terracotta turkey in the garden. Why?
I had had enough by now and wanted to reach the hotel. Headmess #1. There will be more I’m sure.
Got better soon though as a dog with no bark charged at me open and shut its mouth in an aggressive manner.
Got to the Borrodale Hotel in Daliburgh and after a quick, extra 0.4 miles there and back I took my total for the day to 26.5 miles. One down, five to go.
Onwards & upwards.


2 Responses to “Day one is completed”

  1. Linda @ Grubby Mackay said

    Well done Moxey, grubby says keep going little Jock we are just off up the Alex will drink your beer ration as well.
    Good Luck for tomorrow.

  2. Graybo said

    Don’t make it sound so easy, Moxey. Something must be hurting already.

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