Getting there

May 31, 2010

At mile 20 of approx 38.5. Still having to walk/hobble.


Hydration pack

May 31, 2010

Meant to say the re-hydration on day 4 was provided by Deucahrs IPA (ABV 3.9%). That got me through the day.
However, day 5’s was provided by Bulmer’s Pear Cider. That’s surely where it all went wrong. Let that be a lesson to you Alan McDermaid!!!

Going for it…!

May 31, 2010

I have decided to go for it.
If it means a walk/hobble to get the 38 miles (approx) to reach the Butt of Lewis then…

Loch Reasort

May 30, 2010

Had to fold at 20.53 miles. Another day of much pain, this time too much for me to continue. Progress too slow. Things seemed against me; collapsed bridge and then an enforced de-tour that added extra distance when my head had gone.

So, cold bath, painful massage and ice – followed by some of Neil’s spag bol and of course a beer – and now it’s decision time…should tomorrow be an extremely long and slow 38 miles (approx) in order to complete the six-in-six Outer Hebridean adventure in the said six days?? Head says ‘yep’, body says ‘nae chance’.

Anyway, I’ll upload some images later as I had no reception for much of the day and a messed up head for the rest.

Onwards & upwards.